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Personal Injury & Employment Lawyer In California – Law Offices Of Alex G. Tovarian

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering. Can you trust any attorney to know how to properly present an injury claim and know what a reasonable settlement value is for your case?In the workplace, should you be involved in a dispute over wages, overtime, discrimination or other issues related to your job, to whom do you turn for advice and resolution of your case?

AGT-Lawyers Approach – Personal Injury Lawyers & Attorneys

Unlike the huge firms with many different attorneys handling different aspects of your case, California Personal Injury and Employment Law attorney Alex G. Tovarian is personally involved in every case the firm handles from start to finish. Not all personal injury lawyers are alike and neither are insurance companies. In personal injury matters, the only similarity is that insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interests. The personal injury attorneys at AGT-Lawyers have handled cases throughout California, including Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose, and are intimately familiar with tactics used by insurance adjusters and defense lawyers to minimize the value of your injury claim and to persuade less experienced attorneys to settle for less than your claim’s full value. For work-related issues, our personal injury lawyers have a proven track record of successfully resolving all types of disputes that arise in the work environment. For example, you may have been working overtime or during lunch breaks with no additional compensation. Harassment by supervisors or other employees may be ongoing and tolerated or even encouraged. You have certain rights as an employee and you should not fear reprisals or loss of your job by asserting your legal rights to equality, fair pay and a safe workplace that rewards you for your creativity and hard work.

Our personal injury law firm has the experience and skills necessary to thoroughly investigate your case and the often complex issues involved. We are dedicated to not only giving you outstanding representation but tending to your well-being. This means getting creditors off your back, ensuring that you are receiving the medical care and attention that your condition requires if you are injured, and focusing all our efforts on getting you the compensation, benefits and rewards your hard work deserves if your employment rights are being denied.

Along with our goal of outstanding service to you is our promise that we will take your case to trial if necessary to achieve the result you deserve. In all of our cases, we consider our clients as part of the AGT-Lawyers family and will seek justice and fairness for you as we would for any family member.

AGT-Lawyers Practice Areas – Personal Injury Law Firm

AGT-Lawyers Testimonials – What Clients Are Saying

Alex is a great attorney. He was very attentive to my personal injury case from the very beginning until the end. He was responsive to my emails and phone calls. He initially did a proper evaluation of my case and did an excellent job all the way until the settlement.

A.F., Personal Injury Client

My work with Mr. Tovarian was an extremely heartwarming experience. My family is very appreciative of everything he had done for us. We all felt well cared and he always came to the rescue when we were worried. He explained and prepared me for my deposition and was very protective over me in the course of it. We would certainly recommend Mr. Tovarian to anyone.

V.R., Personal Injury Client

I hired the Law Office of Alex Tovarian for assistance with the racial discrimination at my workplace. Alex proved to be a fearless attorney who successfully litigated my case against a large law firm. Every step of the way he reported to me about the progress of my case and was always accessible when I had my concerns.

N.L., Employment Litigation Client

I needed a personal injury lawyer and called Mr. Tovarian firm. I was very pleased to work with such a small firm and yet receive so much attention to my case. I really liked being able to always speak with Mr. Tovarian regarding any questions or concerns. I was satisfied with the outcome of my case and would recommend Mr. Tovarian to my friends.

D. G., Personal Injury Client

Alex is a very aggressive attorney. I was lucky to retain him for my auto accident case which resulted in my injuries. He was extremely caring for my needs and very bully with the opposite side. He was able to get me more money than was offered by the Defendant’s lawyers.

R.L., Personal Injury Client

My lawsuit against my former employer for its failure to pay me overtime seemed like a long and lengthy battle. However, Alex paid close attention to all my questions and spent enough time to educate me on the litigation process. I am glad that I chose the Law Offices of Alex Tovarian and would strongly recommend it without reservation.

A.M., Employment Litigation Client