Amusement Park Injuries

Millions of people attend amusement parks each year in California having the most participants of any state. Thousands of people are present at any of California’s parks on any one day, using dozens of sophisticated rides, attending musical and other events and eating at various sites. With so many people and so much activity going on, the chances of an accident or of coming across a dangerous or hazardous condition can be high.

Although machine or equipment malfunctions are relatively rare considering their high use, they do happen. The types of rides and attractions at many amusement parks include Ferris wheels, bungee jumping, boat and water slides, roller coasters, swimming pools, music concerts, animal and other exhibits. All must be supervised by trained personnel and maintained in a safe condition.

Studies of amusement park accidents indicate that as many as 11,000 accidents occur each year. Injuries can include broken limbs, amputations, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, cuts, burns and traumatic head injuries. Most injuries occur to children between 10 and 14 years of age since they are more likely to attend parks and to use more rides.

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Duty of an Owner

Serious injuries occur at amusement parks each year. Like any other property owner, especially a business owner, an amusement park owner and operator has a duty to provide a safe environment for its patrons, which includes regular inspection of equipment and rides and the premises, to repair or remove the dangerous condition and to warn of any hazardous conditions.

Many parks have independent contractors operating their rides or concession stands who also have a similar duty toward persons using their facilities or eating their food.

Types of Injury Claims

Most accidents that occur at amusement parks fall under the law of premises liability. Operators and owners have a duty of care as indicated toward patrons. Negligence law is applicable when operators, managers and workers are negligent in operating rides, not training their employees or in poorly maintaining their equipment and grounds under their control. Contaminated food at a restaurant or food booth can lead to a lawsuit as can allowing an unruly or intoxicated customer to harm others.

Anyone injured by a defective product or piece of equipment or from a structural defect may have a claim under product liability law. These can include the more sophisticated rides such as roller coasters that have complex operating machinery.

The various types of accidents at amusement parks can occur from any number of factors:

  • Improper operation of a ride
  • Malfunctioning ride or equipment
  • Failure to provide or maintain safety bars
  • Exposed wires leading to electrical burns or electrocution
  • Improper training of ride operators
  • Slip and falls from defective steps, poor lighting or slippery surfaces
  • Falling objects
  • Serving contaminated food
  • Serving alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons
  • Unhinged roller coaster rides
  • No emergency stop on a ride
  • Animal attacks
  • Assaults and robberies

Any of these types of occurrences can lead to catastrophic injuries.

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Amusement park injuries can be traumatic. You can suffer enormous losses from medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent loss of bodily functions, limbs or mental functions. Emotional or psychological damage such as post traumatic stress can be just as debilitating.

These types of injuries offer complex issues of liability and proof of damages. Most amusement parks facing litigation hire teams of experienced defense lawyers who will fight over any injury claims. For these cases, you need a law firm with the resources and dedication to prosecute these claims and to get you the compensation you deserve.

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