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There are many different kinds of personal injury claims, but the most prevalent and litigated claims involve auto accidents. There are literally thousands of injuries from auto accidents in California each year. Of these, there are over 3,000 fatalities from accidents involving an automobile. It is not surprising that since California is the nation’s most populous state, that it has the most injury and fatal accidents than any other state.

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Where Do Most Accidents Occur?

Most auto accident occur in urban areas from sheer numbers, though rural areas have their fair share of fatalities because of poor lighting, narrow roads, excessive speeds and poorly maintained roadways.

Nearly 30 percent of all auto accidents involve drunk drivers. It is important that you be especially vigilant when driving at night since most drinking at clubs or parties occurs in the evening. Further, be careful at intersections where a substantial number of accidents occur. Always wear a seatbelt since many fatal and catastrophic injuries occur because the car’s occupants were not wearing a seatbelt or shoulder restraint.

Types of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents involve more than just passenger vehicles. These include the following:


Pedestrians are also injured and killed at an alarming rate at intersections, in attending to a car on a freeway, while walking on rural roads or while just crossing the roadway. The factors include:

Distracted driving from texting or using a cellphone
Excessive speed
Poor roadway illumination
Not seeing and going through stop signs or traffic control devices
Intoxicated motorists

The chances of a pedestrian being killed in an accident are substantially higher than if you are a passenger in a motor vehicle. Also, young children and the elderly are at a substantially higher risk for injury or fatality.

Truck Accidents

An accident between an auto and a truck usually means the auto accident driver and occupants are far more likely to suffer injuries or death than the truck driver. Truck accidents occur because of truck driver fatigue, inattentiveness, speeding, improper loading of cargo, defective brakes or use of alcohol and drugs.

Truckers have a higher standard of care than ordinary passenger car drivers. An experienced truck accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Alex G. Tovarian has the knowledge and resources to link violations of federal and state laws that commercial truck drivers and companies must follow with the cause of an accident.

Bus Accidents

There have been a number of publicized bus accidents where a number of passengers have been killed or maimed. Bus drivers and bus companies are also commercial carriers, meaning that strict federal and state laws apply to training, drug testing, maintenance and driving standards. Some of these drivers have been found to have poor driving records or prior drunk driving convictions. Bus companies with extensive accident records or a history of violations have been uncovered as well.

Bus accidents are often caused by the following:

  • Fall or impact injuries by a bus suddenly “stopping short.” Seat belts are not required on buses so in these instances passengers are thrown onto the floor or into other seats.
  • Bus drivers who are speeding, running red lights, falling asleep and hitting pedestrians in cross-walks.
  • A fall caused by a passenger drop-off near a hole or sidewalk defect–or a slip and fall on icy or treacherous bus steps or floors.

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Motorcycle Accidents

California is a mecca for motorcycle riders with great weather and countless opportunities to travel to beaches, mountains, deserts, and other destinations. Too often, however, motorcycle riders are assumed to be at fault in most accidents. Our attorneys are used to these misconceptions and are equipped to correct these false assumptions and to demonstrate how other factors unrelated to the motorcycle rider’s conduct contributed to what are often catastrophic injuries.

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