California Severance Negotiation Attorneys

There are a number of reasons why people leave their jobs involuntarily. You may have been fired, laid off due to downsizing or a poor economy or requested to leave. In some situations, you may have brought a claim for discrimination, harassment, retaliation or some other action that has put your employer in a precarious position. In these cases and others, your employer may have offered you a severance package.

In other situations, you may not have been properly laid off. If you were fired or laid off in some cases, state and federal laws require that you be given proper notice. In any of these situations, The Law Offices of Alex G. Tovarian is an employee rights law firm that will help you negotiate a severance agreement that is in your best interests.

In Some Cases Notice is Required

An employee who loses his or her job without proper notice may have a claim. The Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice and California Labor Code Sections 1400-1408 obligate employers to give you 60 days notice if a significant number of employees are to be laid off or will lose their jobs.

If you are losing your job along with a considerable number of other employees in your company and proper notice has not been provided to you, contact us to represent your rights and to get you the compensation you deserve in a separation or severance agreement.

If You are Offered a Severance Agreement

In some cases, an employer may offer you a severance package if it faces a possible lawsuit from you for unfair termination, discrimination or some other unlawful act. Many times, you may feel rushed into accepting the compensation offered you without carefully considering your options and the other benefits that you could receive. You may also be waiving or giving up a potentially large settlement based on a viable claim against your employer.

How We Can Help

At The Law Offices of Alex G. Tovarian, our California severance negotiation attorneys handle these types of cases and other employment matters. By assessing your situation, we can advise you of your rights and determine what benefits and compensation you may be entitled to.

Our attorneys will negotiate fairly and firmly with your employer to get you the best terms possible. We can determine what rights and claims you may have that might affect your severance and ascertain what we can do to get you a severance agreement that is most beneficial for you.

Contact us today if you have been terminated or laid off from your job or have been offered a severance package and let us see what we can do for you. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to handle severance negotiations on your behalf.